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What can you do with ONE cable?

The Challenge

  • Complete large-scale A/V installations quickly and at relatively low cost when compared to solutions with similar capabilities.
  • Simplify control of projects spanning hundreds of displays and audio zones.
  • Reduce time/cost associated with cable runs.
  • Enable ’tiler’ like functionality with varied layouts and sources shown on a single display.

The Solution

Simply put: SAVI Canvas.

With SAVI Canvas, your cable runs are simplified down to a single network cable to each display. Through the network, SAVI Canvas enables control of the display along with video distribution and multiple layouts. With LG Commercial webOS displays there’s no need for a box behind the TV, just plug the Cat5e cable right into the display.

What is SAVI Canvas?


Faster Installs


Fewer Cable Runs

Displays or MORE

Amazing Result

The Display is your Canvas...

Divide your display into Regions containing one of four different types of content:

iFrame (Web URL)

Use an iFrame to display images and other content displayed on a website or digital signage platform. Great for food menus, drink specials, welcome banners, and more.

MPEG Stream (IP Distributed Video)

Send a video stream through the network to be decoded by the display directly. IP video distribution at a fraction of the cost of other solutions and with less complication.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)

View the screen of a remote Windows/Mac or Linux system using the VNC protocol.

HDMI Input

Don’t forget about the display’s local HDMI input. With Canvas you gain the ability to display local sources right alongside the other region types – iFrames and MPEG Streams!

The display is your Canvas