Program in Hours

SAVI 3 is a simple new approach to programming, packed with powerful features enabling integrators to configure systems of any scale, from 10 devices to 1000s, in just hours.


The SAVI 3 system is comprised of:
  • SAVI Creator: Programming software that’s remarkably easy to master. With our 2-day virtual hands-on training class, even novice techs can program the most complex of systems in hours, not weeks.
  • .One Flagship Hardware: Created with dealers in mind, thoughtfully engineered to eliminate points of failure and to streamline installation while still being highly reliable and robust enough to support thousands of displays.
  • SAVI Canvas & LG webOS: One network cable enables content delivery, display management, and system control. Now it’s remarkably simple and cost-effective to deliver a wide variety of high-impact visual experiences for projects of any size.
  • Built-in Video Wall Tiling and Layouts: Divide your displays into zones featuring a variety of different content including live TV, video, menus, specials, announcements, custom graphics, and more without the expense of complicated digital signage solutions.
  • SAVI User-Interface: A sleek, approachable, and ultra-responsive UI enables even novice users to quickly tap, swipe, or click to change and deliver content across 1000s of devices.

Say goodbye to boring and Hello to SAVI

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