Revolutionizing Commercial AV 

SAVI was founded for Commercial Integrators, by Commercial Integrators. Designed with Dealers in mind, SAVI is the only AV Control and Automation Solution that takes only hours versus days weeks, or even months to set up. The ridiculously simple design makes installation quick, programming easy, and eliminates the need to train end-users – saving you time and money!

At SAVI, we are driven to simplify:  

  • Simplify the tools you use – view our award-winning solutions
  • Simplify the AV design, control, programming and installation process,
  • Simplify dealer onboarding
  • Simplify tech training – our training only takes 2 days and it’s actually fun
  • Simplify the way you work saving you time and money on each and every install 

Say Goodbye to Boring & Hello to SAVI Tech Training

Say goodbye to boring and Hello to SAVI

Experience our award-winning commercial AV solutions and bring the fun back into Commercial AV by becoming a SAVI Dealer.