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John Dorsey SAVI Controls

John Dorsey, Founder & CEO

Derek Wilson SAVI Controls Chief Technology Officer

Derek Wilson, CTO

Megan Tubbs SAVI Controls

Megan Tubbs, COO

Byron Baird SAVI Controls

Byron Baird, VP of Sales

Cedric Monroe SAVI Controls Creative Director

Cedric Monroe, Design Director

Peter Brewer SAVI Controls

Peter Brewer, Training Manager

John Dorsey

Founder AND CEO


John is the Founder and CEO of SAVI Controls. SAVI is deeply rooted in the vision and conviction to radically simplify commercial AV, and John’s passion derived from years spent running a successful integration business – Diem Digital. Started in 1990, Diem Digital quickly became a premier integration provider, serving an international client base and growing to over $30 million in revenue.

John began his career in IT and has been a leader in the automation and tech industry ever since. A true entrepreneur and technical whiz-kid – John started his first IT business, Diem Computer Company, in 1990. Throughout his professional career, his innate aptitude for isolating solutions won him the favor of some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies, where he helped to automate and optimize their business operations. As a software integrator and document management specialist, John has been recognized as the #1 reseller in the country by key solution providers year after year. His visionary leadership and passion for excellence helped Diem Digital become one of the top residential and commercial audio, video, automation, and low voltage systems integrators in Texas.

John’s mantra, “Carpe Diem,” is not only his company’s namesake but the foundation for its culture. John thrives on building relationships based on mutual success and motivating his team to make the unimaginable possible. He seeks to inspire his employees to take chances, seize opportunities, and be the best – all while still having fun.

After years of running a wildly successful AV integration company, John began to recognize that the industry was shackled to outdated ideas and complicated processes. In response, John started his third company, SAVI Controls, in 2011 with the mission to revolutionize the world of commercial AV by creating a simplified system. Today, that dream is a reality as SAVI transforms and reimagines how we think about audio-visual integration, continually receiving industry recognition for their revolutionary programming tools.

John graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Psychology and is a fervent believer in servant leadership. He has a passion for animals, and you will never find his dog, Londo, far from his side. Outside of the office, John enjoys spending time with his family – especially his three grandchildren.

Derek Wilson


Derek is a technologist at heart and serves as the Chief Technology Officer of SAVI Controls. He oversees all facets of software and hardware development, leading his engineering team from abstract ideas to design and from coding to final production – all with the goal of simplifying the programming and installation process for end-users.

Derek has over 17 years of industry experience with a proven track record of leading high-performance teams, driving sales, and breaking free from the status quo of the AV world. Before SAVI, Derek served as the president of Diem Digital, a commercial AV integrator,  where he created departmental synergy and helped generate over $30 million in revenue. Derek has planned and implemented large-scale AV solutions for the entertainment, gaming, restaurant, and sporting industries. His marquee of clients include LG, Top Golf, GameStop, and the Carolina Hurricanes.  Before serving as president of Diem Digital, Derek was the vice president of business development, a sales and system designer, and a field technician himself – meaning he really knows what’s up.

In 2020, Derek was named one of the AV industry’s burgeoning superstars in Commercial Integrator’s “40 Influencers Under 40.” His passionate belief in teamwork and paying it forward helps him sculpt a culture of inclusivity and creativity. Derek believes AV should be fun, and a day spent without laughing is a day wasted.

Derek lives in North Dallas with his wife and golden retriever. He can usually be found enjoying live music, playing video games, or geeking out on the newest tech innovations.


Megan Tubbs


Megan is a dynamic executive in the AV automation industry and is the Chief Operations Officer of SAVI.  With over 15 years of experience, Megan oversees SAVI’s operational functions and manages internal affairs.  Before stepping into her most recent role, Megan forged a formidable path in the tech world by helping to establish partnerships and launch new business ventures for Diem Digital, a large-scale AV integrator. Starting as an operations manager at Diem, Megan quickly transitioned to vice president of operations and then to vice president – giving her an unmatched ability to manage a successful team and systematically improve business operations. 

Outside of the office, Megan loves to spend time with her daughter, Cora, and husband, Steven. She also enjoys playing tennis, cheering for the Yankees, and getting a little too competitive at board games.

Byron Baird


Byron is the VP of Sales at SAVI Controls and responsible for managing high-profile accounts, developing long-lasting relationships and leading high-performing teams.

With over 25 years of experience in AV and IT system design and integration, Byron has a deep understanding of how to deliver world-class projects by connecting the right people to the right solutions – it’s never “one size fits all.” His relationship-first, consultative approach comes from years as a sales and marketing director for companies like Diem Digital and Integrity Sight & Sound. Whether working alongside suppliers, integrators, technicians, engineers, or C-level executives — Byron sees every member of the team as critical to creating next-generation commercial AV and automation experiences. Byron leads the business development effort for SAVI Controls as they continue to “Uncomplicate the World of Commercial AV.” 

Byron lives in Prosper, Texas, with his wife, Shelley. They share three daughters ranging in age from teens to young adults. Byron is a drummer, guitarist, and a lover of music. He used to consider himself a golfer, but nowadays, you’re more likely to see him at a Topgolf than on the putting green (close enough, right?).

Cedric Monroe

Design Director

Cedric is the Design Director at SAVI Controls. As an enthusiast of all things tech and design, Cedric immersed himself in the AV integration space for the past ten years. In 2017, Cedric stepped into SAVI’s design director role and is responsible for the SAVI aesthetic. Cedric is a creative machine, designing everything from the website and logo to the SAVI user-interface and system. Leading the creative department, Cedric places high-priority on beauty and user experience.

Cedric is an artist by nature, which should surprise no one, as he studied Trumpet Performance and Music Theory at UT Arlington in Arlington, Texas. A self-proclaimed “hobby enthusiast,” Cedric’s interests span a multitude of subjects, including soldering diodes to build his own mechanical keyboards, aerial photography, and chilling with his cat, Madelynn.

Cedric Monroe Creative Director SAVI Leadership

Peter Brewer

Training Manager

Peter currently serves as the Training Manager for SAVI Controls and can teach even the greenest techs to program killer commercial projects. He is the architect of the SAVI training curriculum – designing a hybrid of online and hands-on learning experience. Peter’s teaching roots began at the University of Oregon as a teaching fellow. He has a keen ear for audio (partly thanks to his Master’s in Jazz Studies) and worked as a recording engineer until he became the founder of his own recording studio. In 2016, Peter entered the commercial AV world, where he helped test and install the first version of SAVI Canvas.

Peter has a long list of accomplishments, but he is most proud of his commitment to the environment and veganism, his expertly groomed beard, and his sick pumpkin carving skills.