To all our partners and friends who took the time to stop by the SAVI | LG Experience at InfoComm 2019, we cannot thank you enough. What an amazing show! The reception of SAVI’s roadmap to the future and the feedback we received were beyond expectations. We are excited to take you all along for the ride as we continue to move forward on our journey to uncomplicate the world of commercial AV!

Here’s a quick InfoComm 2019 highlight reel from the SAVI | LG Experience, and below is a recap of BIG things to come!

SAVI 3.0 and SAVI Creator

SAVI 3.0, along with our configuration tool SAVI Creator, will release in Q4 of this year. Until then, SAVI can be deployed using the current release versions 2.6 and soon to be available 2.7. There will be a no-cost upgrade path to 3.0 for all SAVI Server Pro units that are current on Annual Support and Maintenance.

New SAVI Hardware Products

AMP.One and DSP.One, along with our new H.264 HDIP product, STREAM.One, will release around the same time as SAVI 3.0. For recommendations on audio design best practices just drop us a line to discuss. We will get all of our new SAVI-branded products to market as quickly as possible.

If you’re not already a SAVI Dealer, you may apply right here.