Tech Training

At SAVI, we obsess over ways to simplify things for commercial integrators.  Our programming software, our hardware, and our UI strips away needless complexity and costs.   Our approach to technical training mirrors this mantra of simplicity. 

We guarantee that you (and your techs) will be set to rock killer commercial projects using SAVI after only two days of technical training.  With SAVI, there’s no need to lose your technical stars for a week (or more) to get them up and running on our system!  And frankly, there’s no need to pay for travel expenses — to send folks to our Dallas headquarters for training.

Yes, we host two-day training sessions twice a month in our Dallas headquarters.  With COVID-19, we also have designed a hybrid training model to enable dealers to tune in via video to work remotely, from one of our workstations here in our training center.  A lot of creativity, blood sweat and tears went into designing the SAVI tech training curriculum under these unusual “pandemic” circumstances, but we must say, the end-result will be impactful (meaning, you’ll be ready to roll with SAVI upon testing and certification) and the instructional set-up is pretty-darn cool!


Day One features a comprehensive overview of our hardware and software, with a deep dive into how we simplify video distribution with our Canvas Network.  You’ll set up your own video project and set up and configure your own STREAM.One for a hands-on experience.

Day Two focuses on the SAVI UI and SAVI Audio capabilities, third party integration and hands-on practice using Creator to configure a SAVI system. You’ll create your own macros and scheduled actions as well as get your hands on (figuratively) our TSTAT.One and CONNECT.One to complete your SAVI hardware knowledge. For the final project and certification test, the student will build his/her own large project from scratch. 

2020 SAVI Dealer Training Schedule

September October November December
29 – 30 6 – 7 10 – 11 1 – 2
20 – 21 12 – 13 3 – 4
22 – 23 15 – 16
17 – 18