A shockingly simple new approach to commercial av programming

Radically simplified AV programming

Creator delivers a revolutionary new way for AV techs of all levels to program killer systems. AV programming projects that used to take weeks to complete, can now take hours. Add multiple displays with just a few clicks. Name hundreds of devices and incrementally assign IP addresses in a flash. Create macros that modify any number of devices all from one page. Creator was designed to be clean and lean – there’s no bulky software to download.


Eliminate monotonous repetition

With Smart Add, say goodbye to the time-intensive tasks of manually programming individual devices and configuring IP addresses. With Creator Smart Add, the ability to program hundreds of devices in just a few clicks is the new reality. Techs can now auto rename and incrementally add devices (of the same type) and IP addresses for any number of devices, saving you HOURS of monotonous work.


Streamline driver integration

Creator enables AV programmers to easily group drivers and view driver properties in a clean, intuitive manner, keeping your project organized and making it easy to quickly reference specific components.


Advanced search and filter

The Creator user interface boasts a responsive advanced Search and Filter feature that is specific to the current view. This is huge for larger projects consisting of tons of equipment, connections, and drivers and a game- changer when it comes to support. Gone are the days of the never-ending scroll, and the frustration of navigating in and out of various screens to find what you need. Get in and get out in no time at all.


Create lightning-fast layouts

Creating and applying SAVI Canvas layouts is faster than ever before. With multiple ways to search, select, and de-select displays, you can deploy your desired Canvas layouts in minutes.


Macros that end-users will LOVE

Easily create macros that modify any number of devices all from one page, significantly reducing redundant tasks and increasing install efficiency for any size job.


Bring your own device

Creator enables techs to program projects from the device of their choice. PC, MAC, tablet. You can get to work and make magic happen on the device you’re most comfortable using.

Want in? Become a Dealer

If you’re an AV integrator in the commercial space, try SAVI ‘s simple AV programming tool, Creator, and configure entire commercial projects in hours, not weeks.