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August 26

10:00 AM - SAVI 3 Overview

The time is NOW to be among the first to witness our game-changing new system. Tune in to see how SAVI 3 can save you time and money. How you can increase volume and rebuild your commercial AV business. Most importantly, how SAVI 3 is replacing old school frustration and monotony with FUN. All told by our President and CEO, John Dorsey!

12:00 PM - Introducing SAVI Creator

Now that you’ve heard the what and the why around SAVI 3, we’ll show you HOW with SAVI Creator. Creator uses modern programming to deliver a revolutionary new way for techs of all levels to build killer systems. We worked tirelessly to identify and eliminate all of the historical pains of creating a project and bring back the fun factor. We can’t wait to show you how SAVI Creator does just that.

1:00 PM - The SAVI End-User Experience

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again: virtually no end-user training is required. With such slick, straightforward navigation, we’re talking 5 minutes or less. Join us for a brief demo, and an exclusive discussion with a SAVI end-user to hear the real deal.

2:00 PM - Video Distribution with SAVI Canvas

Control. Content delivery. Display management. ONE.cable. How? Allow us to show you. In this demo we’ll provide an overview of SAVI Canvas and address the incredibly simple route of creating layouts in Creator.

3:00 PM - LG webOS Commercial Displays

This session features one of our favorite partners from LG, Craig Rathbun. Craig will talk about the deep value SAVI Canvas can add for end-users, and the future of commercial AV.

4:00 PM - Audio Distribution with SAVI Audio

We took all the great knowledge we learned during the evolution and development of SAVI Canvas and applied it to audio! This session will highlight a couple of our exciting new products the SAVI AMP.One and DSP.One and how they can further simplify installs.

5:00 PM - Live Q&A Session

Join the SAVI execs who’ve been bringing you content all day long!


  • John Dorsey – President and CEO
  • Derek Wilson – CTO
  • Byron Baird – VP, Sales
  • Cedric Monroe – Creative Director

Ask us anything!

Our Mission is to Radically Improve the Commercial AV Experience

SAVI 3 is a new control and automation system that radically simplifies programming and strips away time-consuming tasks and costs.

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