SAVI.Connect 2020

Check out our epic SAVI 3 launch event.
We’re changing commercial AV in a BIG way

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  • A radically new AV control and automation system that streamlines installation, programming and expense across commercial projects.
  • An all-new high-performance and highly reliable product line, with the horsepower to support thousands of displays and sources.
  • Designed and optimized around the network. Not antiquated technology platforms.
  • Unbelievably simple. Program large-scale projects in hours, not weeks!
  • Will disrupt the status quo in Commercial AV.

Two Day Dealer Training

At SAVI, we aim to simplify every facet of the commercial AV design, deployment, and installation process. Our approach to technical training mirrors this mantra of simplicity.  Get certified in just two days via our virtual, yet very hands-on training sessions.

A Refreshing Focus on the Customer Experience:

Hello simplicity.

Today more than ever, businesses rely on audio/video and automation experiences to communicate, sell, market, entertain, educate, train and support their customers. But today, systems are too complicated to manage, troubleshoot and operate.

Not so with SAVI! We designed SAVI 3 with the end-customer in mind – making it the only AV control system on the market so easy to use, virtually no employee training is necessary.

Just a few clients that love SAVI

Want in? Become a Dealer

If you’re an AV integrator in the commercial space, add the SAVI line to your offering to save time and make more money.

If you’re using another commercial automation platform, try SAVI and compare.